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It is always fun to be on a twitter chat, it is a highlight of my day and week when I’m a guest on Madalyn Sklar’s #TwitterSmarter Twitter Chat. She is the queen of chats and in my opinion, everything Twitter.

February 17, 2022 – Guest on the #TwitterSmarter Twitter Chat

Questions and topics we will cover.

Q1: What is D2C marketing? #TwitterSmarter
Q2: What are some good examples of D2C marketing on Twitter? #TwitterSmarter
Q3: What are the types of D2C marketing? #TwitterSmarter
Q4: What’s the role of a consumer strategy in D2C marketing? #TwitterSmarter
Q5: What are the essential parts of a consumer strategy? #TwitterSmarter
Q6: How do you handle the marketing funnel (awareness, interest, and consideration) under a D2C marketing process? #TwitterSmarter
Q7: How do you implement a D2C marketing strategy? #TwitterSmarter
Q8: Share some resources to learn more about D2C marketing. #TwitterSmarter

Check out the chat Recap

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