Planning Your First Email Marketing Campaign

February 25, 2021 | Posted in B2The7 Bits, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing | By

You are getting ready to create your first email marketing campaign. Where do you start? If you follow the process within the video, you will be well on your way to email marketing success. 🎯 Steps to take in your

InTheSpotlight Recap: Kami Huyse (@kamichat)

February 20, 2021 | Posted in B2The7 Bits, Digital360Chat | By

Recap of our 2/5/21 #Digital360Chat interview with Kami Huyse (@kamichat) – CEO Zoetica Media and Smart Social Secrets. Social Media and PR Strategist, Community Builder, Social Media Instructor, Keynote Speaker

How Email Marketing Can Work for You

February 19, 2021 | Posted in B2The7 Bits, Digital, Email Marketing | By

Email marketing is still one of the most effective digital tool in engaging, segmenting, targeting and delivering content that is personalized and relevant for you audience. The customers have raised their had and said they want to hear from you.

Boss vs. Leader – Which One Are You?

February 16, 2021 | Posted in B2The7 Bits, Career, Leadership | By

Really think about, your actions will let you know which you are. A BOSS…takes credit, commands tasks, generates fear, says I, drains people and knows how it is done. A LEADER…gives credit, ask tasks, inspires enthusiasm, says we, helps people

Check out and subscribe to my YouTube channel

February 13, 2021 | Posted in B2The7 Bits, YouTube | By

So excited to have revamped my YouTube channel. Please SUBSCRIBE here – ➡️ Happy to share career & job insights along with digital & social insights and to bring a human side to who I am while helping others.

Resources and Help for Writing Your Resume

February 12, 2021 | Posted in B2The7 Bits, Career | By

My goal is to share with Job Seekers the resources and tools that I find helpful. One area that I see below struggling is with their resume, if you want more knowledge and insights, this is for you. ➡️ Introducing

The B2The7 #Digital360Chat After Chat with special guest Tami-Girl Linnan

February 12, 2021 | Posted in B2The7 Bits | By

Our Guest, Tami-Girl Linnan is an Author, Speaker, Navy Veteran, Suicide Prevention Warrior, Consultant, Director of Operations to the Whose, Who of the influencer world and expert Action Taker, The Owner, Founder, and CEO of Profitable Shenanigans, The Starving Dog,

The B2The7 Career Corner LiveStream with special guest Kurtis Tompkins

February 11, 2021 | Posted in B2The7 Bits, Career | By

We discussed a new job seekers resources that Kurtis rolled out this week – Student Resume Writing Academy. With the sole purpose of training job seekers on how to write a resume to get the attention of recruiters and hiring

Mistakes Will Happen…

February 11, 2021 | Posted in B2The7 Bits, Career | By

Let’s talk about mistakes in a professional work setting and what happens when you make a mistake in the workplace because they will happen. Keep in mind that is many instances, mistakes are not a failure of the individual but

Lessons to learn from Tom Brady

February 10, 2021 | Posted in B2The7 Bits, Business, Career, Goals | By

Like him or not, there is a lesson. People said he was too old, too slow, he doesn’t fit into the system and why did he come back? You know what he did? 👉 He didn’t listen.👉 He continued to

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