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This past week I focused on the difference between a Mobile Optimized eMail and a Responsive eMail design, subject line testing and what you expect to receive with a Birthday Club. You should let analytics help drive your decision on what will be the best format for your eMail and get the most engagement with subscribers and testing of all aspects of your program should be on-going.

Below are thought starters from last weeks updates.

Monday Update
Mobile Optimized or Responsive eMail designs? Before you go down the path of either, you need to go back to what your objective of the eMails are and what your customer experience will be with each on the major glass sizes. Both can be equally effective, but content and the amount of content will also impact your decision. Just remember that eMails opened on a mobile device that are not optimized or responsive will more often than not, give a bad customer experience. Over the next couple days, my updates will be on Responsive and Mobile Optimized eMail.

Tuesday Update
With mobile optimized eMails, you are basically simplifying the eMail so that your content is displayed how your subscriber wants it. Some quick tips for taking your existing email and optimizing for mobile: Use enlarged fonts, use a single column layout, streamline your content, button that are larger (touchable), optimize emails to be viewed without images, design with upper-left corner and break up your text so that it creates gaps.

Wednesday Update
Yesterday was mobile optimized eMails, today is responsive eMails. The easiest way to define responsive email design is that the email is optimized for viewing on many different types of devices, screens and resolutions. The experience is the same without having to scroll left/right, zoom in/out and the design adapts to the viewing space on the device your are on. Some of the benefits: many times text is much cleaner, easier to navigate, more appealing and the same experience on all devices.

Thursday Update
Another aspect of your email is your subject line. This is something that you should be testing frequency and testing different subject lines with your different segment. Each segment is going to react to each subject line differently.

For you, what makes a great subject line?

Friday Update
With an eMail Birthday Club program, you expect to receive?

– A Special Offer
– Something Free
– A Special Birthday Message w/o offer

Read more – https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/mobile-optimized-responsive-email-designs-subject-bernie-fussenegger?trk=mp-reader-card

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