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Today’s question is one that I receive often.

Question: What tool or tools do you use to preview eMails in multiple clients and to see how customers are engaging with your eMails?

Answer: I use a web based partner called Litmus (www.Litmus.com) for all our preview eMails and for analytics to see how customers are engaging with our eMails. Litmus is not another eMail provider but a web application that works outside of your email provider.

Some of the features that we use:
– eMail previews in over 50+ apps and devices
– Builder for testing and builder along with troubleshooting of the emails
– Checklist to validate that all your links, images and tracking are workings
– Spam Testing across 20+ spam filters
– eMail Analytics to see what and how customers are interacting with your eMails
– Page testing of the landing pages you are pointing to from your emails

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