I have talked about this one in the past and I’m always intrigued by the comments – What does digital mean to you?

As a consumer, you give feedback when… A) Never B) When there is an issue with a product or service C) When you are happy with a  product or service D) When there is an incentive E) Other

You are currently using Customer Journey Mapping tools to better understand your customers eCRM experiences? A) Yes B) No

This Weeks Question Question: Should you use an incentive for email signups? Answer: It is good to grow your list, but it is also important in HOW you grow your list. I always want people within my programs that are

Today’s question is one that I receive often. Question: What tool or tools do you use to preview eMails in multiple clients and to see how customers are engaging with your eMails? Answer: I use a web based partner called

Question: What are the most effective things using digital advertising to help create a call to action… Answer: Digital advertising is considered ineffective without a call-to-action especially when your advertising dollars are at stake. Some of the most effective things

How often are you evaluating your eCRM programs (eMail, SMS & Push) for effectiveness and added features or new opportunities? A) Daily B) Weekly C) Monthly D) Quarterly