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This Weeks Question

Question: Should you use an incentive for email signups?

Answer: It is good to grow your list, but it is also important in HOW you grow your list. I always want people within my programs that are engaged and want to willingly join our programs. With that said, I do like organic traffic over all other methods, but there are many incentives that are good for your business. Each business needs to be looked at differently and approached differently with a good solid plan on using incentives.

Before you start any incentive programs to get customer to join your eMail program, there are a couple questions you should ask yourself:
– What is the goal or the end result you are looking for?
– Is it engagement
– Immediate sales and transactions?
– List growth for short and long term?
– How are you going to analyze these new customers?
– What are you going to communicate to these customers?

Analysis of customers entering your program with incentives:
– Split A/B testing of giving customers incentives and not giving incentives
– Analysis of who joined and what incentive they received.
– How long was it before that customer left your program
– Did they come in, take advantage of the incentive and not come back again
– How engaged are these customer with your eMails and your brand
– Open and Click rates compared to organic traffic

Types of incentives – varies by business category
– Driver for sales/transactions – % and $ off
– FREE product or product offering
– Give them something of value
– eBook or Webinar
– Contest or Giveaway
– Label it as a special Club for Members (Birthday Club)
– Free trial or membership
– Survey or polls
– Offer different email subscribers for variety – give them what you want
– Offer options and preferences

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