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Question: What are the most effective things using digital advertising to help create a call to action…

Answer: Digital advertising is considered ineffective without a call-to-action especially when your advertising dollars are at stake.

Some of the most effective things that I have seen and experienced to create-a-call to action within digital advertising are some of the following…not in any order of importance.

– Inject emotion into banner creative and copy
– Show a sense of urgency by using keywords such as Limited Time, Hurry, Last Chance and so on.
– Choice of color is always important. Gain an understanding of how your banners will appear on each device and on which type of site
– Use simple and effective messaging
– Use of white space
– Copy that gets people to act
– Show the benefit for the potential customer
– Button placement along with size and shape (opportunity for A/B testing). Look at testing at the beginning, middle and end of the ad.
– Traditional advertising methods don’t always translate into digital
– Well designed mobile landing page that has full information in a clear and concise way
– Always A/B test for continuous improvement

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