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Facebook Sued! Three marketers who purchased video ads on Facebook have sued over the inflated video ad metrics. The complaint stems from recent revelations that Facebook inflated viewing times by 60% to 80%. They contend that by inflating the numbers that the ads looked more appealing, thus these companies spent advertising dollars that wouldn’t have if they knew the real average viewing times.

Strong World Series Ratings. Fan interest in the Cubs and Indians have helped Fox’s World Series ratings through the first 5 games. Game five of this year was up 25% more viewers than game five of last year that included the Royals. According to, the World Series has brought in $183.7 million in national TV revenue for Fox.

eMail is Always On. Showing that eMail is still relevant and still an important communication tool for marketers and for general business, people are spending 17% more time on emails year over year (Adobe Email Survey 2016). The smartphone is the device people are using regularly to check eMail, more so than a desktop. This also creates an expected response time that is much quicker. Find the right balance in the frequency and time timing of your emails to help get the most engagement.

B2B’s Programmatic Inflection Point: How Data-Driven Ads Are Changing Business Targeting Thursday, November 3, 2016, 1 PM ET | 10 AM PT
While programmatic has become the de facto standard for consumer brand advertising, its use in B2B marketing is still being defined. Dun & Bradstreet will showcase exclusive findings from a survey of B2B advertisers and examine why B2B programmatic is at an important inflection point.

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