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Oakley & Intel With New Fitness Wearable. Oakley and Intel have teamed up to make a new pair of training glasses called Radar Pace. The starting price is $499 and uses a real time coaching system activated by voice. Since the failed Google Glass, the fitness wearable market has exploded. Oakley is targeting this customers that are cyclists and serious runners. And, these glasses look just like sunglasses except they will create training programs, track performance, provide coaching tips and more.

Cross-Device Attribution & Marketing. Attribution among channels and programs has aways been a challenge for Marketers as they try to determine which programs is producing the most sales. That same problem is now seen between cross-devices as customers switch back and forth. According to a survey by Econsultancy, only 14% of marketers in the survey said their company had the capability to handle such matching and only 39% said they were able to understand their customers’ cross-device behaviors.

Customers Shopping Satisfaction. With more and more smartphone users purchasing online, that doesn’t mean consumers are happy doing it. Shopping at the store provides the highest comfort level versus social channels, which are the lowest. A break down to of the channel experiences: 60% store, 56% desktop, 47% mobile and 24% social. Mobile is still the channel of choice for research before going into a store. Mobile shopping is still seeing issues around slow load times, pages not optimized for mobile, poor image quality and so on.

Marketing Budgets and App Retargeting. According to a study by Apsalar and Thomvest, more than half of app marketers worldwide buy ads to retarget app users. It is hard enough to get a customer to download your app, it is even harder to keep those customers engaged. The 24 hours after an app is download and used is the most important. 24% – 29% of iOS users who installed an app used it again with 24 hours.

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