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Tesla New Product UnVeil October 17. Stay funded to an unexpected unveiling on October 17 from Tesla. Elon Musk tweeted that it will be a new product, unexpected by most, and separate from the Tesla/SolarCity unveiling on the 28th. This could be a new vehicle or improvements to its autonomous driving features. It was stated that these events are probably a sign that is meant to reassure investors that the proposed merger of the two companies is good.
Tesla to unveil “unexpected” new product October 17

Are You Spamming Your SMS App Users? Research shows that more and more spam is coming from SMS and messaging apps. According to a study of 5,850 mobile users from around the world, 28% are receiving messages are everyday and 26% are receiving messages on their OTT messaging apps. This is news and something to watch since more than 1.6 billion consumers will be using mobile phone messaging apps this year.

Killing of the Galaxy Note7! It is now official – Samsung is permanently halting the production (and telling all partners to stop sending all inventory) of the Galaxy Note7 Smartphone amid reports of exploding Note7s and their replacement phones. Investors are taking notice as stock went down 7.5%. Will be interesting to see how this impact the sales of iPhones.

Samsung announces it is killing Galaxy Note7 smartphone

50% Adoption Rate of iOS 10. It has only taken 1 month for iOS users to download system 10…I’m currently not one of them. For reference, it took less than 1 week for users to download iOS9. The figures come from the App store so that developers can gauge the users on each operating system.

iOS 10 passes 50% adoption in under 1 month

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