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When you don’t take accountability for your mistakes, you are not only putting your career at risk, but you are also damaging your ability to be trusted, your credibility and professional reputation.

Take the Hit!

Take the Responsibility!

Learn and Move On!

When the mistake happens, don’t do the following…

– Denial that a mistake was made

– Don’t wait to admit the mistake

– Don’t try to cover the mistake up or glossed over it

– Don’t blaming someone else or deflect blame

– Don’t quit or get overly cautious

– Don’t beat yourself up – you need a clear head to come up with the solution to fix the mistake

Most of all, be the type of leader that fosters the ability to access that mistakes are ok, as long as everyone learns from them.

Acceptance starts at the top of the organization.

As leaders, where is your stance on mistakes and your team learning from them?


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