Dressing for Success – Preparing for a Virtual Interview

January 17, 2021 | Posted in B2The7 Bits, Career | By

We are in a virtual world with Zoom calls, Microsoft Teams calls, Google Meet and so on. The question that I have received lately is “how do you dress and prepare for a virtual interview?” My recommendation, Dress for success

Message to Recruiters & Hiring Managers from Job Seekers

December 30, 2020 | Posted in B2The7 Bits, Career | By

Some of the frustrations many job seekers are experiencing when they apply for a job is they may get rejected and then ask for feedback and hear crickets or are ghosted. If someone ask for feedback, take the time to

Your Job Search & LinkedIn Profile

December 16, 2020 | Posted in Career | By

With so many searching for new jobs, I want to share the elements that will help others. Today, I want to share the elements of a good LinkedIn profile. Many employers and recruiters will use LinkedIn to research you, see

All Things Hiring Podcast Guest

December 3, 2020 | Posted in Business, Career, Digital360Chat, Inspiration, Motivation, Random Thoughts, Social Media | By

Super honored to have been a guest on the Kelly Robinson’s “All Things Hiring” Podcast. Hosted by Kelly Robinson, the Founder and CEO of Panna Knows – talking about all things hiring from one recruiter’s perspective. The Podcast covered… 👉

The latest B2The7 Quick Bits – Elements of a Job Search Plan

December 2, 2020 | Posted in B2The7 Bits, Career | By

As I go through my job search, I want to share the elements that I’m finding helpful. Today, I want to talk about the importance of a job search plan. What is a job search plan? Think of it as

The latest B2The7 Quick Bits – Tips For Your Job Search

November 23, 2020 | Posted in B2The7 Bits, Career | By

This past year has been very difficult for so many people. Trying to find work in normal times is stressful, even more now during COVID. Want to share 5 tips to help you get started in your job search 🎯

Hey my peeps & network 😍

October 31, 2020 | Posted in Branding, Career, Digital Marketing, Digital360Chat, Social Media | By

You may have heard the Papa John’s 🍕 news from a couple weeks ago about PJs opening a new headquarters in Atlanta. While this does sound exciting, it is something that is not in the cards at this time and

Ahoy, Me Hearties! Special Guest on the #piratebroadcast

October 30, 2020 | Posted in Branding, Business, Career, Digital, Digital360Chat, Social Media | By

On Thursday, 10/29/20, I became a PIRATE!!! I had the opportunity to join Russ John’s on his #piratebroadcast to talk more about my career and my future career direction, how Careerbarn is helping others, using Twitter and my #Digital360Chat and

Coffee With Bob on LinkedIn

October 25, 2020 | Posted in Career, Digital360Chat, LinkedIn, Social Media | By

I joined Robert Sieger with a fascinating discussion about Twitter, #Digital360Chat, Careerbarn and targeting & engaging with social! The 10 minutes just wasn’t enough! Check out the chat here on LinkedIn

What is your career advice for others just starting out?

February 6, 2020 | Posted in Business, Career, Digital360Chat | By

There is one question that I ask all my guests on the #Digital360Chat… That question is – Any career advice for others just getting started? We have all been the new person, just starting out or starting a new career.

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