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Will It Be Google or SalesForce for Twitter? Twitter continues to struggle even while bringing back Co-founder Jack Dorsey, last year. There are several companies, including SalesForce and Google that are in talks…

Apple is at it Again – Acquires Tuplejump. Tuplejump is a machine learning startup, which is the fourth such acquisition for Apple in the past year. With machine learning as a must to enhance their services, we have seen Google and Facebook also open their own hubs or go through acquisition to beef up this part of their services…

Facebook with Egg on its Face. Facebook announce they they overstated time spent on ads by 60% – 80%. Over the past two years, Facebook has disregarded ad views of three seconds or less – it is this area that the whole biz is trying to understand why people are leaving…

eMarketer Webinar: Location Matters—Using Mobile Location Data to Drive Actions and Sales

– How many consumers are sharing location data with marketers, and how they feel about it
– How good the location data is on the marketer side, and what they can do with it
– What tactics are marketers using to drive real-world behaviors with digital messaging
– How marketers are using location data to understand online-to-offline commerce

Date: September 29, 2016
Time: 1:00 pm ET
Presented by Cathy Boyle
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