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Day 4 of #LocalLouisvilleShoutOut – Cruise Customs Bourbon Barrel Flags – Veteran Owned

After doing some research on Cruise Customs Bourbon Barrel Flags and Chris Cruise and wife Amber, there are several reasons I have a lot of respect for what Chris and Amber are doing – 1) Quality products 2) American Made 3) Veteran Owned (Thank you for your service and allowing us to have the freedoms we have 4) And, provides a transition place for veterans and first responders to work as they transition into a new life and future!

Chris and Amber Cruise create unique American flags from re-purposed bourbon barrels. A great way to display your pride for American in your home. The Cruises use various technologies to provide personal touches to their flags, such as laser etching for logos on the stripes of the flag or in the field of stars.

Chris is a veteran who served in the 82nd Airborne Division during Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Amber is from Kentucky. The couple wanted every flag to be individually made with the customer in mind so their clients can show their own stories of patriotism.

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