Today is a Motor City Spindle Repair kind off day!?!?!? ✅ them out below 👇👇👇 and follow their team and their company page – – This is a fun group that likes to engage daily on LinkedIn. If I

Part of being a good leader is also not letting the stress and panic of extreme situations impact your teams. You want the teams to be able to focus and fix the problems or issues with calm heads, if you

Hard work and dedication…nothing is handed to you.   #Tuesday #TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayMotivation

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Happy Friday!!! Priorities and how work/family life work together has always been a big topic for all professionals. What comes first? How do I make time for both? Will work penalize me? Will I not get the promotion? Will I

Day 4 of #LocalLouisvilleShoutOut – Cruise Customs Bourbon Barrel Flags – Veteran Owned After doing some research on Cruise Customs Bourbon Barrel Flags and Chris Cruise and wife Amber, there are several reasons I have a lot of respect for

Day 3 of #LocalLouisvilleShoutOut – Sauerbeck Family Drive-In Get ready to experience the magic of movies under the stars – Opening July 2018. Do you remember your first Drive-In experience? I do – Star Wars and then Smokey and the

This coming week, starting Monday, 4/16, I’m going to do a #LocalLouisvilleShoutOut. The idea is to call attention each day to a different local business or individual that is unique, not necessarily known and offers something that you can’t necessary