February 8, 2020 | Posted in Branding, Business, Networking, Social Media | By

It is pretty simple…and you don’t have to pay for any special secrets…

If you do the following, you will grow your networks, you will learn a ton from others and you will build community.

📌 Listen
📌 Engage
📌 Network
📌 Be consistent
📌 Be respectful
📌 Provide value
📌 Build Relationships
📌 Be patient, it takes time
📌 Be part of conversations
📌 Don’t come out selling and promoting
📌 Understand that it is a two-way street
📌 It is supporting others and lifting them up
📌 A community is build one person at a time
📌 Social is being social, not just being on social

👋 Thoughts? Others that I missed?