Twitter Tip…


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Twitter Tip… Build relationships with your followers before trying to sell them something – Listen, engage and respond! #TwitterTip #TwitterTips #Digital360Chat  

Join me Tuesday, December 4th at 12pm ET on the #VCBuzz chat


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Join me next week on the #VCBuzz chat as we talk about learning how to become a better and a more successful marketer by #BeingABetterPerson 👉 When – Tuesday, Dec 4th @ 12pm EST! 👉 Follow the hashtag #VCBuzz on

Social media has changed the way we market


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Social media has changed the way we market. We now push out a message (should be relevant and personalized) or promotion and see in real-time what our customers are saying to their friends about the message, the brand, the service,

Why not let your customers work for you?


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Why not let your customers work for you? Provide a great solution for customer expectations, give them great experiences, listen & respond to them and in turn, they will talk about their positive experiences. #Marketing #social #socialmedia #CustomerSuccess #CustomerExperience  

How a simple #hashtag @ a baseball game encourages fan engagement/interaction via #Twitter.


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How a simple #hashtag @ a baseball game encourages fan engagement/interaction via #Twitter. During the game you posted a photo on Twitter with the hashtag #batsbaseball and the team for the Bats added to the scoreboard between innings. We are

Would you pay for a paid version of Facebook if it didn’t include ads or any data sharing?


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Digital Marketing with Digital Innovation


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The great thing about Digital Marketing is that it keeps growing and expanding with Digital Innovations. It is the understanding of how the new innovations and technology will impact the customers. Multi-platform marketing. Using data, social media, eCRM, e-commerce &

Papa John’s, Facebook and the Start Order button…


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Papa John’s has become the first national pizza brand to offer instant ordering via Facebook’s new “Start Order” button. Read more in first comment. Read more –

Facebook to preload brands mobile sites; Apple Watch owners want internet; SalesForce and Analytics for B2B; Dropbox was hacked…4 years ago.


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Facebook is now going to preload a brands mobile site. With mobile performance and the time is takes for some site to load, this is going to be a big benefit for the end user – 40% of visitors abandon