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Facebook is now going to preload a brands mobile site. With mobile performance and the time is takes for some site to load, this is going to be a big benefit for the end user – 40% of visitors abandon sites if they have not fully loaded in 3 seconds. Now Facebook will encourage brands to better optimize their mobile websites and landing pages. This is important for the success of Facebook since t mobile is now the main source of revenue.


Tick, Tick, Tick: As more and more IOT (Internet of Things) devices are becoming standalone, the Apple Watch owners are now wanting the ability to connect to the internet without their smartphone. This isn’t as big of a deal for non Apple Watch owners as it is for current Apple Watch owners who want this feature. Look for the latest version of the Apple Watch to be released later this month.


In the Analytics world, SalesForce is extending analytics into the B2B market. Companies don’t need more data but companies do need more insight into the data they have to help guide and make intelligent decisions. You want bar and pie charts? This tool will give you that and more. I actually had the opportunity to view this last week when SalesForce was onsite and I was pretty impressed with what I saw. But I was more impressed with the possibilities.


Drop This: Dropbox was hacked was 4 years ago that could have affected up to 68 million accounts. If you are like myself, and have been using Dropbox for years, you would have received an email last week asking users to change their passwords. This was for accounts that dated back to 2012. Dropbox has admitted to the hack and did confirm email addresses and “hashed and salted passwords” were stolen.

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