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Priorities and how work/family life work together has always been a big topic for all professionals.

What comes first?

How do I make time for both?

Will work penalize me?

Will I not get the promotion?

Will I be excluded from important meetings?

The list of what-ifs goes on…

In my opinion, there are very few “firsts” that happen in life and when children are added, family becomes even more important.

Have I made every first? Of course not, but I have made an overwhelming majority of them.

I have learned over the years that it is ok to leave work for a kids play, something at school, a doctor appointment and so on. I get more reward in seeing the look on my kids faces when I have pulled myself away from work in the middle of the day to attend something they are doing.

Is it easy when the calendar is full of projects and meetings? Of course it isn’t, but you have to want to make it work and look at options to allow yourself the flexibility to put family first.

I also realize that not all companies are going to be flexible when it comes to what you do while you are on their time. Have the conversations with your company on options that you have when family events or situations come up while you are working.

Work will always be there, nobody will remember in 10 years what you did at work, but your family will remember that you weren’t there.

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