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Echo…Echo…Echo…Echo…did anyone hear that?

Talk about a lot of Echo’s being unveiled at once!

With the reveals of a newly designed Echo, the Echo Connect, Echo Plus, Echo Spot and Echo Buttons, Amazon is setting itself for integrating into the smart home of the future.

With Google, Apple and Samsung taking more of the market share of the smart home and voice assistant markets, they needed to make waves before the competition does – Expect new products to come out from Apple and Google in the near future.

Amazon currently sits at around 70% of the smart home and voice assistant markets.

What do all of these devices do?

All new Echo – Shorter version of the original with improved sound, powered by Dolby

Echo Connect – An accessory that lets a user link his Echo to his home phone line

Echo Spot – Essentially an Echo Dot speaker with a small display

Echo Buttons – which are Bluetooth-connected, multicolored buzzers that can connect to Alexa for games

Echo Plus – Original taller Echo with improved sound and a built-in smart home hub

Amazon is always innovating to stay ahead of where people are going.




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