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Native Apps are a great way to build loyalty with your customers keeping them active, engaged and retained.

for emailApps give brands the ability to know more about their customers, their activity, to be more personalized & more relevant and to also be a utility for their needs.

What are the pros and cons of having a native App?
Pros: Performance, brand builder, more loyal customers, increase customer engagement and retention, value provider, easier to add features, takes advantage of device features and are easy to integrate. Cons: A little more expensive to create, less flexibility, frequent updates and longer development time.

Apps are not for every brand, what types of content or eCommerce works well within an App?
In the Apps I use daily, the most popular types of content are social, news, eCommerce and gaming. Content that works well and translates well into an app – also uses previous purchases, personalization, behaviors, and content to enhance user experience

Why are Native Apps so successful for Reach, Retention and Re-engagement of customers?
With Native Apps, you know who your customer is, what their preferences are – with data and insights, you are able to personalize the experiences, deliver fresh content, leverage social media and have better performance…thus creating a more loyal customer.

How important are data and analytics within Apps to know how your audience is engaging?
With the data and analytics you are able to better personalized the experience, know who your customer is and to present content and messages that are relevant to the customer – App enable brands to be more personalized and 1:1 with relevant content.

cellphone-cellular-telephone-communication-833337What are some useful marketing programs to run on your Apps for reach, retention and re-engagement?
sWelcome series, lifecycle programs, monetization programs, loyalty programs, cart abandon programs and taking full advantage of communication opportunities with Alerts, triggered messages and app in-box.

What are the types of Push Notifications that you can send to your App users? Is an App inbox important?
Push notifications run the gamut with lifecycle, promotional & offers, triggered, location based, coupons, discounts, reminders, updates, targeted based on actions/behaviors, social media, live events, broadcasts, breaking news, loyalty, rewards, surveys, referrals, feedback & giveaways. App inboxes are great for getting user to return to the app and even better to deliver content into for those users that turned off notifications – still allowing you to “talk” to them.

What is the difference between a Web App and a Native App?
A native app is installed on your smartphone and can work, in most cases, with no internet connectivity depending on the nature of the app.  A web app works via a web browser on the smartphone but requires either a cell signal or wi-fi to function.

communication-community-design-147413What are some of the best programs and channels to promote your App for downloads?
Cross-channel promotion within your own channels (email, web, social etc) and communications should be a must. Also, look at app store optimization, social influencers and app promotions – show what the real benefits are and why people should download your app

What are the best types of Apps to download for learning best practices?
Gaming & Fitness Apps for ideas around the types of push messages and triggered messages based off customer behaviors or actions – great for learning about reach, retention and retaining customers. First party apps that are released by the OS maker – These normally have the most up to date design guidelines and best practices which are formed by the millions that interact with them everyday. (Google Play, IOS Store, GMail, Apple Health)

What are some go to Apps and why do you use them?
Good apps to reference – Twitter, LinkedIn, ESPN, Amazon, FitBit, Slack, CNN, IG, Pinterest, Slack, Evernote, Canva and GIPHY.

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