You’ve set up a loyalty program for your restaurant and your customers are excited about earning points and unlocking unique rewards. But as you soon realize, there’s a lot more to running a successful loyalty program than just enabling your

👉 Is relevant & of value 👉 Is personalized 👉 Encourages engagement and loyalty 🙌 What Mobile Apps do you use daily and why? Comment below 👇👇 🗣 Some quick Mobile App stats… 📌 Statista, 2018 reports Global mobile data

What are your go-to mobile apps and why?

Native Apps are a great way to build loyalty with your customers keeping them active, engaged and retained. Apps give brands the ability to know more about their customers, their activity, to be more personalized & more relevant and to

Why is social listening important? To see what your customers want, to see what is bothering them and to see how you can improve customer expectations. @Wendys listens to their customers on #Twitter for product suggestions and then delivers! Social

Heard this yesterday and really liked the use case around behavior. When you are on a plane and are about to land (without any access to a network or WiFi), what are the first actions or App that you check

The smartphone has made a difference in the way I engage with brands and Native Apps has only made that relationship with brands even stronger – if the Apps provide value to my lifestyle. Apps simply the communications and give

Mobile apps account for 57 percent of all digital media usage with Mobile app accounting for 87% of time spent on Mobile. What are your go to Apps each day? Jonathan Cox, Joel Hamilton, Patrick Warrington, Nick Landers, Joshua Nodell,

Walmart is not the first to blaze the voice ordering feature, but they have the deep pockets to challenge Amazon within the voice assistant apps/voice shopping category. What Walmart is now showing is that they are adapting to how customers

Instagram or Snapchat? Over the last year, Instagram has added many new features such as filters, location, drawing tools, stickers and stories as they both dual for Millennial attention. Instagram also now has the edge in daily users.