Getting to know Doyle Buehler from 9,963 miles away.

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The wonderful thing about social is that location is not a barrier. The distance between Louisville, KY and Australia is 9,963 miles or 12 hours ahead of Louisville time. Back in April, Doyle Buehler and myself didn’t let those 9,963

Getting to know Ira Bowman and his career

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Last week I had the pleasure and opportunity to interview Ira Bowman on Twitter and put him in my #InTheSpotlight with the #Digital360Chat career internet. A couple things about Ira…he sells printers in the SF Bay Area, & founded #ProjectHelpYouGrow

Great career advice from experienced professionals.

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When I started my career, it was like being thrown into the middle of the ocean without a life jacket. I didn’t know anything (other than what I learned in school), I was new to the marketing world, I had

Always wanting to help you with your digital and social needs.

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Always wanting to help 💁 you with your digital and social needs. What we share 🔍… ⭐️Targeting & Engaging Your Customers with Digital & Social Solutions ⚡️ What engaging and connecting on social ⭐️ How social builds long term value

Happy Friday!

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Happy Friday! Take the time to relax and recharge. #FridayFeelings #FridayMotivation #FridayThoughts #Friyay

The Power of Twitter – engaging, listening and building long-term loyalty

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How are you using Twitter today with your brand? Are you just pushing out messages and not engaging or listening? If you are just pushing out messages, you are missing the power of Twitter. Twitter on the surface looks like

You like digital, you like social…

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You like digital, you like social and you want to learn more about both! Hey…this is a great chance to sign up for for our email program with topics around digital, social, relationship marketing and building a community. You learn

Using Social Channels to Engage Your Customers

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Social is for listening, engaging and building a more long term relationship with your audience. It isn’t always about selling but creating engaging and relevant content for YOUR audience, not you. Data – Use data to talk to your customer,

Reach, Retain & Re-engage customers with Native Apps

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Native Apps are a great way to build loyalty with your customers keeping them active, engaged and retained. Apps give brands the ability to know more about their customers, their activity, to be more personalized & more relevant and to

Effective Content Marketing and Content Writing.

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Content marketing and content writing should be an important part of your digital strategy. Content writing is very important for your SEO so that your web pages show up in Google (or other search tools) results as organic. One of