The importance of #RelationshipMarketing in building your brand loyalty.

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#RelationshipMarketing is different than your traditional marketing in that it focuses on on long-term customer loyalty and engagement instead of short-term sales. On 8/8/19, I hosted a Twitter Chat with guest Jessika Phillips of NOW Marketing Group with the topic

Building your brand, audience and network takes time.

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People need to think about how long it takes to develop a true relationship with a friend or partner. Developing a relationship with your guests or audience is really no different…it will take time to build that long term loyalty

Email Marketing and why your brand should be using email as a tool for engaging with existing customers and prospects.

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Email marketing is for brands of all sizes – large, small and solo. Email marketing is still very effective to turn prospects into loyal fans and to build an even better relationship with your existing customers. I had a Twitter

Join this Live Twitter Party on Thursday, June 25th!

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Hey there! I’m partnering with some amazing entrepreneurs for a live Twitter Chat from 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. Eastern on Thursday July 25th! This is part of a big Visibility Hack Challenge to help entrepreneurs level up their marketing

Are you utilizing Video 📹 as Part of Your Content Strategy?

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Video is a great tool for engagement and conversations with your targeted audience. video #FridayFeeling #FridayThoughts #Digital #Social

5 Ways To Be More Effective on Social Media

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Being on Social is WAY different than being on Social and actually being Social and engaging with your followers I have created a new guide, “5 Ways To Be More Effective on Social Media” to help your brand stand out

Utilizing Video 📹 as Part of Your Content Strategy

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Video is a great tool for engagement and conversations with your targeted audience. Video can tell your story so much faster hitting upon who your are, how you can help solve your customers problems, to inform but also reinforce your

Getting to know Doyle Buehler from 9,963 miles away.

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The wonderful thing about social is that location is not a barrier. The distance between Louisville, KY and Australia is 9,963 miles or 12 hours ahead of Louisville time. Back in April, Doyle Buehler and myself didn’t let those 9,963

Getting to know Ira Bowman and his career

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Last week I had the pleasure and opportunity to interview Ira Bowman on Twitter and put him in my #InTheSpotlight with the #Digital360Chat career internet. A couple things about Ira…he sells printers in the SF Bay Area, & founded #ProjectHelpYouGrow

Great career advice from experienced professionals.

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When I started my career, it was like being thrown into the middle of the ocean without a life jacket. I didn’t know anything (other than what I learned in school), I was new to the marketing world, I had