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#RelationshipMarketing is different than your traditional marketing in that it focuses on on long-term customer loyalty and engagement instead of short-term sales.

On 8/8/19, I hosted a Twitter Chat with guest Jessika Phillips of NOW Marketing Group with the topic of #RelationshipMarketing.

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What is relationship marketing and the importance of #relationshipmarketing?
Relationshipmarketing is a long-term strategy to build customer loyalty by being more relevant, more personalized and creating strong customer connections instead of focusing only on the sale and transaction.

What is the difference between the traditional transactional marketing and #relationshipmarketing?
Traditional marketing (sales oriented) has a focus on the sale for transactions where as #relationshipmarketing (customer oriented) which is a focus on the long term relationship with a customer.

What are some of the key elements of #relationshipmarketing and what does it accomplish?
Some of the key elements I see are being authentic, being respectful, being relevant and personalized, being responsive, listening and providing a two way discussion or dialogue.

What are some of the benefits of #relationshipmarketing?
Some of the benefits I see are the creation of brand advocates, more personalized and relevant experiences for the customers and long term loyalty along with honest customer feedback.

Why is personalization so important in #relationshipmarketing?
Knowing who your customer is, what they want, what they like etc gives you the ability to have a more personalized and relevant experience or message that builds and grows that long term loyalty.

What channels make the most sense to implement a #relationshipmarketing strategy in?
Social is the most obvious channel but look at email marketing and your website as easy channels for delivering more relevant and personalized content.

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