Retain – the second element of the 3 R’s

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The “Retain” area is where you want your customers and audiences to be. Think of retain to be steady and you want to be very segment-specific to maintain their activity. They have joined your loyalty program, created an account, have

B2The7 business cards from Vistaprint

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Some days it is the little things that are exciting – Today, it was getting my new business cards from Vistaprint Who is B2The7 👉 Digital + marketing + social = Results I work with brands on increasing sales, transactions

Reach – the first element of the 3 R’s

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Reaching new and existing customers is very important in the continuous growth of your brand. I approach “REACH” as part of the on-boarding process, which is part of a larger omni-channel lifecycle strategy and program. It seems like an easy

Restaurant Owners…and every service brand.

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The key to increased sales and transactions is to get’em in the door and coming back for more. But how do you do that? I have a foundation that centers around the 3 R’s along with 20 years of running

An introduction to the 3 R’s – Reach, Retain & Regain

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What are the 3 R’s? REACH, RETAIN and REGAIN. The 3 R’s use data and insights to drive the programs = increased sales, transactions and comps. What industries do the 3 R’s have the most impact? Retail, restaurant, QSR, coffee

Attention retail, coffee shops and restaurant owners…

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🚨 Attention retail, coffee shops and restaurant owners 🍕🍔🌮☕️ You want to increase your sales, transactions, comps and improve the customer experiences… …but don’t know how or have the time. 🤔 This is where my 20 years of running proven

Helping Brands Make More Bread 🍞

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I focus on Restaurants & QSR Brands… Why Restaurants/QSR? I have 20 years of experience running successful data-driven marketing programs at Papa John’s that drove engagement, sales, transactions and increased comps. Types of brands I love working with… 1️⃣ Brands

Loyalty Programs and Rewarding Your Customers

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A loyalty program is a great marketing strategy to reward customers based on their behavior and engagement with the brand. There are 4 high level areas of why… 1) The data you are collecting2) Reach customers3) Retain customers4) Regain customers

#USABizParty talks​ #ContentMarketing​ (LiveStream) with Bernie Fussenegger

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What does #ContentMarketing mean to you? Check out the After Chat discussion with Anna Scheller around #ContentMarketing, #SocialMedia and the importance of Twitter Chats to help you gain more insights to improve your programs and approach. Lots of fun and

Marketing Monday’s with Ira Bowman

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Want to improve your marketing reach? Have marketing questions? Interested in keeping up with what’s happening in the world of traditional or digital marketing? If you answered yes check out this episode Marketing Mondays with Ira Bowman! I was honored

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