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Video is a great tool for engagement and conversations with your targeted audience. Video can tell your story so much faster hitting upon who your are, how you can help solve your customers problems, to inform but also reinforce your brand values and mission.

With social, there are many options for incorporating video into your content strategy. Test to see how your audience engages and make the necessary adjustments until you find the style, format and length that work best for you and your customer.

Start small and start simple. You don’t need a huge production team to execute video, you can start with a phone, desktop, Mic and simple video editing tools. As you learn, you can grow your video capabilities.

Video is a great tool for engagement and conversations with your targeted audience.

What is video content marketing and why it is important to have a part of your strategy?
Video content can help your brand stand out by giving yourself a voice and human element. Video content increases engagement, showcases your offerings, increases conversations, increases retention rates and is shareable. It’s also very important because we’re living in a video world.

What are reasons to create video content along with reasons to NOT create video content?
Some of the reasons for video: Higher engagement, SEO, consumer connections, increased conversion, emotional connections, accessibility, builds trust & relationships, can be repurposed, great for social and can explain anything. I have a hard time on reasons why you shouldn’t use video except for your audiences doesn’t engage or use video, high budget and time to produce.

If you are going to create video content, what are the channels to focus on?
You should create video content for the channels your target audience is already using. Video isn’t any different from other marketing practices in that aspect – know where your audience is, see how they engage with video and go! Channels to consider – YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

What are some production tips for creating effective video content?
Keep it small and simple to start. Some video production tip: plan ahead (what is the reason for the video), tell a good story that people will engage with and share, make sure it is mobile friendly and remember SEO.

Success of your video is important, what are some important video KPIs to measure?
Your KPIs are going to match back to your goals & strategy. Here are some general KPIs to track: view count, click rate, play rate, conversion, engagement and sharing. I prefer to ditch the vanity metrics and focus on shares and engagement.

How does SEO work with video content? How best to optimize for SEO success?
Start with defining your video goals & how it compliments your overall SEO strategy. Look at the platform where it lives, insert a video transcript, title & description, video is focus of the page and compliments the page contents

What are the pro and cons of in-house video production vs. outside video production?
Several things to consider for in-house…How much video content, quality of video, types of video, deadlines, resources, equipment and video knowledge. Do you have the staff and time to do effective and quality video, if not, look to outside professionals.

What are some steps to take when creating video to ensure you are not violating copyright laws?
Spend some time understanding the copyright laws as it pertains to video – know your surroundings, who is in your video, any background music or images are just a couple items to think about.

Who are some of the people/brands you follow that are great with video content?
To name a few that I enjoy – follow them on Twitter… @MLLNNLmotivator @ChrisStrub @garyvee @CaseyNeistat @DudePerfect @FallonTonight @dunkindonuts @Starbucks @barstoolsports @robertoblake @carlosgil83 @iSocialFanz @petermckinnon @saradietschy and so so many more.

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