Many brands (especially restaurant and retail) have changed the way they engaged with their customers over the last year, offering many different digital ordering options for delivery, pick-up or carryout. These new ordering options have also changed customer expectation and

Email Marketing is still one of the most effective digital marketing tools you have. Based on my past experience of leading the Papa John’s email program from 2005 – 2018 and working with other partners, there are many programs you

If social channels go away tomorrow… How important do platforms such as your Website, eMail, Text, Blog, Podcast or Video then become for you & others?

Hey there! I’m partnering with some amazing entrepreneurs for a live Twitter Chat from 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. Eastern on Thursday July 25th! This is part of a big Visibility Hack Challenge to help entrepreneurs level up their marketing

Video is a great tool for engagement and conversations with your targeted audience. Video can tell your story so much faster hitting upon who your are, how you can help solve your customers problems, to inform but also reinforce your

Always wanting to help 💁 you with your digital and social needs. What we share 🔍… ⭐️Targeting & Engaging Your Customers with Digital & Social Solutions ⚡️ What engaging and connecting on social ⭐️ How social builds long term value

The great thing about Digital Marketing is that it keeps growing and expanding with Digital Innovations. It is the understanding of how the new innovations and technology will impact the customers. Multi-platform marketing. Using data, social media, eCRM, e-commerce &

In 1997, digital pretty much meant basic informational websites and display banners. Digital has evolved over the years to be about Engagement, eCommerce, Interaction and Experiences both online and offline that are data driven and have the customer experience top

How you grow your eCRM databases is important. Organic growth is the best, but I have tested some eMail acquisition partners with good success – you can be very targeted in the type of subscriber you are looking for. Look

Analytics should be an important part of your programs. You need to have a good understanding of how your customers are engaging with all your eCRM channels so you can make the necessary adjustments. I do understand that many digital