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Last week was a great week in Cleveland for the Content Marketing World Conference with 4,000 other Marketing, Creative, PR and Copywriting Content professionals.

There was so much to learn from the informative sessions, the top notch speakers and presenters, but it was also the opportunity to meet many peeps IRL (In Real Life), and it is the latter that really made the conference.

Big Top Tweetup bringing together the #CMWorld, #ContentChat and #TacoChat communities.

Big Top Tweetup

With so many great sessions and speakers to attend, I’m highlighting three sessions and a couple key take-aways from each.

1) Jay Baer – Mouth Moves: How to Conquer the New Frontier of Voice Content, Alexa, and Smart Speakers

How to create voice-activated content for Smart Speakers
🕺 Identity your target audience
🕺 Determine Content Strategy
🕺 Don’t Forget Visuals – What???? Next generation will have a screen
🕺 Test and launch skill/action
🕺 Promote your voice-activate content

2) Brian Fanzo – Press The Damn Button: How To Stand-Out From the Bad News and Fake News On Social Media

🤠 Work and connect with the people that care about what they are doing.
🤠 Standing out from the noise. Go to the place (channel) that you are most comfortable in telling your story and start there.
🤠 Every business is in the business of trust.
🤠 Future of Marketing is relatability.
🤠 Pick one thing on your list from the #CMWorld conference and execute on it.
🤠 #BeYourself

3) Andrea Fryrear – Failure is Feedback: How to Succeed at Agile Marketing by NOT Doing These Things

5 Reasons Why Agile Marketing Fails
👉 Fail Path #1 – The Exec Mic Drop
👉 Fail Path #2 – Agile Holdouts
👉 Fail Path #3: The Part-Time pilot
👉 Fail Path #4: Swoop & Poop
👉 Fail Path #5 – I’m On All The Teams

The keynotes were all equally great with Joe Pulizzi, Robert Rose, Tamsen Webster, Scott Stratten, Henry Rollins and Mindy Kaling – they each had a great message for each of us with many years of experience.

Until next year!

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