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Content marketing and content writing should be an important part of your digital strategy. Content writing is very important for your SEO so that your web pages show up in Google (or other search tools) results as organic.

black-blogger-blogging-6469One of the main reasons for content marketing and content writing is your customers. Listen to your customers, survey your customers and learn more about your customers through data to then create content that is relevant, targeted and personalized.

Why is it good to have a good digital content strategy? A content strategy allows you to be strategic, consistent, relevant and engaging with content that targets the audience at the right time, in the right channel, building a more engaged and loyalty customer

Who should be involved with content writing? Involvement of the team (leadership, channel owners, department leaders, creative, content writers, clients, customers) working towards a content strategy and goals that are centered around the customer or audience. If you are a solopreneur, the majority will be your responsibility and with a team, there will be different roles.

What are some of the skillsets needed to be an effective content writer? Some of the skills that I would look for: Organized, knowledge of SEO, adaptable, understanding of customer, strong research background, channel writing, being focus and meeting deadlines. And your really need to like the process of writing.

What are some of the mistakes that you see brands make with their content? One of the most common opportunities is that brands still have one message for all and are not relevant or personalized to their audience. And with social channels, they are trying to sell but are not listening or engaging and not building that long-term trust or loyalty.

How important is it to have copy that is relevant for each channel? It is important for your audience to have content that is relevant by channel – what works for one platform may not work for another. Use data to understand who your audience is and what their copy and channel preferences are. Many brands do cross-posting (I’m guilty of this) and miss many features of each channel.

What are ways that you can listen to customers to provide better and more relevant content? Social really allows you to better engage, know and listen to your customers. Also look at your data, send out surveys and look at customer feedback to determine what is working and what your customers is looking for.

Content is fun and should be relevant, personalized and in the channel your customers want.

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