A friend and co-worker reminded me of the major accomplishments we achieved as a team, collaborated on and then ran marketing programs around over the last 20 years at Papa John’s. Here are some of what we achieved as a

Each social channel has its pros and cons, and each has a potential different audience that likes a different message, different content and engages differently. 🎯 Watch the video for 5 ways to be more effective on Social. 👇👇👇 #socialmedia

😫 We received negative feedback 😫 We have a lack of motivation on a certain project 😫 We suffered from self-doubt We hit the wall, and the creative juices have dried up. 🤔 What do you do when you have

Your content goals might be some of the following… To solve the problems of your customers Define your audience Define the channels your audience prefers Attract new customers Engage with existing and new customers Develop relevant content Develop sharable and

What type of digital or social gated content would be compelling enough to engage you to click for more info? #contentmarketing #EmailMarketing #digital #social #content

How are you stepping outside your comfort zone when thinking about content for your audience? #Digital360chat #digital #marketing #Content