Self-service kiosks have become a popular way to offer a convenient and efficient experience for customers. The majority of self-service Kiosk programs are designed to increase operational efficiency and provide an enhanced user experience. In fact, as the technology continues

Today’s consumers are tech savvy and expect to be able to access the same online shopping experience, no matter where they are or what device they use. With an increasing number of shoppers accessing e-commerce through their mobile and tablet

MarTech is a trending term that is short for marketing technology. MarTech is the tech that Marketers use to help plan, execute and measure marketing campaigns that can be either omni-channel or cross-channel (and many other campaigns). MarTech is great

Which of these technologies are you most excited for in 2020? #Digital360Chat 👉 Artificial Intelligence 👉 Smart Speaker Tech 👉 iOT 👉 Wearables 👉 Virtual Reality Thoughts?

Take a look at how crowed the #MarTech (Marketing Technology) space is today! The options have increased 4593% since 2011. What does this mean for you if you are looking at #Marketing #Technology? You have a ton of options and

If you can’t explain it in simple terms, how is your customer going to understand it and have a good brand experience? Keep it simple! #Customers #CustomerExperience #branding #MarketingDigital #Digital #technology @B2the7 

Consumers are in control and are driving change! Are you listening?     #digitaltransformation #mobile @DeloitteInsight #video #data #digitalmedia #streaming @B2the7 

It is never too late embrace change or to look at different ways to solve the problem. The way “you have always done it” or ignoring how your customers are changing could quickly put you in the same camp as

We are in a digital world, and that digital world is not contained to the web. Look around and see how people are engaging with friends and family, engaging with brands, engaging with appliances, and really how digital is in

Echo…Echo…Echo…Echo…did anyone hear that? Talk about a lot of Echo’s being unveiled at once! With the reveals of a newly designed Echo, the Echo Connect, Echo Plus, Echo Spot and Echo Buttons, Amazon is setting itself for integrating into the