Everyone has seen that scene in the movies where the applicant is stumped at the end, after being asked every question they could possibly have been asked and not having anything to say. However, this situation happens all too often.

The last year has been a tough one for many job seekers and many people are currently without a job or are looking. Our guest Kurtis, is the owner of JobReady2Dey, and we will be talking about career resources, how

#RelationshipMarketing is different than your traditional marketing in that it focuses on on long-term customer loyalty and engagement instead of short-term sales. On 8/8/19, I hosted a Twitter Chat with guest Jessika Phillips of NOW Marketing Group with the topic

Your most happy customers are great, but it is the unhappy customers that you might want to take notice of and listen to. It is from the unhappy customers that you can learn where you have the most opportunities for