You’ve set up a loyalty program for your restaurant and your customers are excited about earning points and unlocking unique rewards. But as you soon realize, there’s a lot more to running a successful loyalty program than just enabling your

Many brands (especially restaurant and retail) have changed the way they engaged with their customers over the last year, offering many different digital ordering options for delivery, pick-up or carryout. These new ordering options have also changed customer expectation and

Don’t let your profile pic be an afterthought. Make sure it is a good picture that people can identify with if they see you in person. #BeYourself When I was at #CMWorld it made it easy to recognize peeps because

Is your brand “on social” or are you actually “being social?” There is a difference… On social – all about push sales messages, vanity metrics and little engagement. Being social – You are listening, engaging, building loyalty and long term

Are you Mobile First? . . 90% + of mobile users keep their phone within three feet of themselves, AT ALL TIMES! . . #Digital360Chat #Mobile #MobileFirst #Digital #Social

Reminder: The first #Digital360Chat will be November 7 @ 7pm (EST) on Twitter using the hashtag #Digital360Chat. Mark your calendar Topics for the first #Digital360Chat are defining digital, what digital channels are the most effect, channels with most the opportunities,

How a simple #hashtag @ a baseball game encourages fan engagement/interaction via #Twitter. During the game you posted a photo on Twitter with the hashtag #batsbaseball and the team for the Bats added to the scoreboard between innings. We are

Communication strategy…what are your goals for each communication and what are the tactics to achieve that goal? You should have an overall eCRM strategy and then the pillars to support that strategy. With eCRM, your pillars will be eMail, SMS

I received several questions over the last couple weeks from connections on what their small businesses (mainly of the QSR variety) should be doing for growth strategies in 2017. As with any business, it is always important to understand your