The Raven (located in St. Matthews, Kentucky) offers an authentic, Irish cultural experience. Artwork features characters from legend and mythology. Classic stories, poems and novels fill the shelves in our library space, the perfect area to grab a quiet drink.

In our video, we will sound off on the following… 🎯 What is Relationship Marketing?🎯 Why Relationship Marketing?🎯 Benefits of Relationship Marketing? Watch the video for many Relationship Marketing nuggets for your brand. 👇👇👇 #socialmedia #branding #digitalmarketing #business #success #linkedin

Do you currently have and use a Smart Speaker/Voice Assistant in your home/office? What privacy concerns do you have & how do brands approach privacy? Check out our discussion on Twitter.

#RelationshipMarketing is different than your traditional marketing in that it focuses on on long-term customer loyalty and engagement instead of short-term sales. On 8/8/19, I hosted a Twitter Chat with guest Jessika Phillips of NOW Marketing Group with the topic