Search engine optimization is the practice of making your website appear higher in search results than other websites when someone searches for a topic or keyword. Simply put, it means that your website appears higher on Google search results pages

Businesses of all types have a greater need to connect with their customers than ever before. When a company’s primary business is digital, it can leverage the power of social media to engage directly with consumers and build trust at

Develop content that is insightful, relevant and useful for your audience. #Digital360chat #digital #marketing #content #businessowner #contentstrategy #contentmarketing

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Branded content is created for the company. Personalized and engaging content is created for the customer. Take a step back and look at the target audience of your content. Does it make sense to them? Can they engage with it?

With my design background from many years ago…let the UX designers do their magic! Design and the user experience is never a finished product. A/B testing, flow, look and feel, content, colors and graphics, device experience and feedback from your