When was the last time you did a website review? Where are people entering and leaving your site? When was the last time the content was updated? Does your content match your target audience? Use your analytics & talk to

Some of the best practices to keep into consideration for Mobile Web – Use of Analytics to understand customer engagement, simple navigation, clear and focused content, design for touch, images shouldn’t take over, good layout that guides your customer easily

What are the brands that you engage with that have very complimentary Mobile Web  and Native App experiences? I have always been a big fan of the Mobile and Native App experiences with Starbucks.

There are many advantages to having a Mobile Website, and depending on what your goals are and what the actual content is, it will help determine if you really need a Native App. I have listed out some of the

Do you prefer a Mobile Website or a Native App to engage with a brand? I will go more into this topic this week. Mobile website have a very broad audience – any mobile device or tablet has the ability

The difference between a Native App and a Web App. Native App – App developed essentially for one particular mobile device and is installed directly onto the device itself. Web App – Internet-enabled apps that are accessible via the mobile

With Websites and Mobile devices, you are an advocate for… A) Standard site B) Standard site and separate Mobile site C) Adaptive site D) Responsive site E) Either options C & D above with a Native App In keeping with

Not every business can afford to build and maintain an App. With that said, this puts more emphasis on your Mobile site and ensuring you are taking your audience into consideration. Tips for your mobile site – Optimized content –

Are you ready for 2017? One of the first steps is to look at the copyright information on all your digital and non-digital assets and make the easy change to 2017. While this is a somewhat easy change, it is

As we close in on the end of 2016, it is a good time to evaluate your goals from 2016. What goals did you achieve and what goals did you miss and why for each? It is not a hard