Bringing your brand and customers together with Geofencing by Bernie Fussenegger SPN There are many industries that can benefit from Geofencing, but today, I’m going to focus on Geofencing and Marketing. What is Geofencing To get us started, Geofencing is a

With Mobile devices today and with the ability to take them anywhere you want, to use them for searching, shopping and more – location now becomes a very important element to target those devices with message that are relevant. With

As we wrap up the week I want to cover some of the challenges with Beacons and Geo-fencing. Mainly, you are relying on the end user/customer to download your app, accept push notifications from your app and then have location

Put your consumer/customer hat on and take your marketing hat off! What has been your experience, as a consumer, when you have entered a Geo-Fenced location and received a message? Are you surprised (as in not expecting)? Do you feel

With Geo-Fencing you are relying on Push Notifications to send quick location based alerts and offers when an App users entered into the defined boundary. Some options with the messaging is that you can choose when your users receive the

What’s the difference between Geo-Fencing vs Geo-Targeting? Geo-Fencing is the virtual boundary or radius around a location that is set by a marketer. Geo-Fencing will capture all users who move into the boundary that you have defined. Think retailers who

This week is all about Geo-Locations/Geo Fencing. Geo-fencing is a location-based service that will send messages to your smartphone when you enter a defined geographic area. This could be a stadium, a mall or a retail outlet. Use-case – you