I focus on Restaurants & QSR Brands… Why Restaurants/QSR? I have 20 years of experience running successful data-driven marketing programs at Papa John’s that drove engagement, sales, transactions and increased comps. Types of brands I love working with… 1️⃣ Brands

Recap of our 2/26/21 #Digital360Chat interview with Tony Christensen (@tonydoesads) – Your customer’s best friend • Ecom Ads & Email Marketing • Spent $10M+ profitably • Tweet about copy, creative & CRO • Facebook Advertising for Ecommerce Businesses • Facebook

When was the last time you really looked at an ad or brand message and read it & why? Most likely because you were interested in the brand and there was something that was of interest to you. Your message

Social media has changed the way we market. We now push out a message (should be relevant and personalized) or promotion and see in real-time what our customers are saying to their friends about the message, the brand, the service,

You have a short window to get your point across – think Mobile and Mobile engagement – avoid fluff and get to point. Be genuine, be authentic and be consistent. #Mobile #ContentMarketing #DigitalMarketing #ThursdayThoughts #Marketing #Advertising

The use of color in your marketing content can have either a positive or negative impact on your message and how it is received and how people respond. We each respond and react differently to colors – if you can

Are you looking at your data and making marketing decisions based on that data? Know your data and trust your Data – optimize and make necessary adjustments. #DataAnalytics #DataScience #Marketing #businesstips #Advertising #Analytics

The best advertising you can have is your loyal customers. On the flip side, the worse advertising you can have is an upset customer. Listen to your customer, respond to your customer and provide value for your customer.   #CustomerSuccess