When I work with brands, especially restaurant brands, we start with a good understanding of the problem we are looking to solve, how we are going to solve it, how we are going to measure and the what’s next. With

Recap of our 1/29/21 #Digital360Chat interview with Mike Myers (@mikemyers614) – Marketer by trade, writer by choice. Inaugural #CMWorld Community Champion #Marketing is telling people how you can help, #ContentMarketing is just helping them

When was the last time you really looked at an ad or brand message and read it & why? Most likely because you were interested in the brand and there was something that was of interest to you. Your message

Preview topic of the #Digital360Chat… Do you know who your customers are and in which channel they prefer? Answer using hashtag #Digital360Chat. Join us on Twitter November 7 @ 7pm ET. #TwitterChat #TwitterSmarter #Twitter #SPN #marketing #digital #socialmedia #digitalmarketing #customer

If you can’t explain your product, services or programs easily, then how can you expect your customers to understand what you are doing and what your brand is offering and how you can meet their expectation? #branding #customerexperience #marketing #digital 

How do you stand apart? Communicate to your audience with quality and relevant content that is personalized, delivered when they want in the channel they want it in. No need to guess, your audience doesn’t want that. Rely on data

Do you know what interests your customers have and why they are drawn to your brand? Shape your content and your voice for those you want to engage with…you can’t be something for everyone but you can be huge for

How are you talking to your customers? Is your content talking at them or is your content talking with them? Engage, respond, personalize and provide relevant content…but mostly, listen! #Content #Marketing #contentmarketing #customers #engagement #branding

Talk to your customer to see how your brand is viewed in the eyes of the customer. Find out what your are doing right and what you are doing wrong. Get feedback on the customer experience and how your voice

Listen to your customer, talk to your customer, create a positive culture and give training for your employees so they take care of your customer, give experiences that your customer wants, not what you think they want – think like