Bringing your brand and customers together with Geofencing by Bernie Fussenegger SPN There are many industries that can benefit from Geofencing, but today, I’m going to focus on Geofencing and Marketing. What is Geofencing To get us started, Geofencing is a

The great thing about Digital Marketing is that it keeps growing and expanding with Digital Innovations. It is the understanding of how the new innovations and technology will impact the customers. Multi-platform marketing. Using data, social media, eCRM, e-commerce &

How you grow your eCRM databases is important. Organic growth is the best, but I have tested some eMail acquisition partners with good success – you can be very targeted in the type of subscriber you are looking for. Look

A nice attribute of In-App Messaging is that you don’t have to ask the user to option to receive the message. With that said, it is very important that you use this tool to be very targeted with your customers

Difference between Push Notifications and In-App Messages. Push is more simplified and allows you to quickly broadcast a message to the user’s devices home screen when locked or when the user is using a different App. Push does have some

When you download a Native App, do you accept Push Notification? A) Yes B) No C) Yes and then turn off when the messages are not relevant D) Yes and then turn off when the messages are too frequent

You have your App, but how are you using Push Notifications to bring customers back into your App? There are several Push options that work well – 1) Broadcast 2) Event triggered 3) Personalized and 4) Behavioral. With Apps, it

Analytics should be an important part of your programs. You need to have a good understanding of how your customers are engaging with all your eCRM channels so you can make the necessary adjustments. I do understand that many digital

Why do you send messages on the days you do? Has it been tested and are you using A/B testing for optimal sending times based on engagement of your customers? Are you looking at events or comping over sales opportunities.

ECRM communication planning. How do you plan and schedule what is being sent via your eCRM channels? Are the communications planned out in advance or spur of the moment? I define eCRM channels as eMail, SMS and Push. I do