We trust the recommendations of our friends, family and even our favorite personalities over what a brand is telling us. Sometimes the “influencer” is a good brand fit and sometimes, they aren’t. 👉 Have you used influencer marketing for your

I’m pretty active on Twitter and would like to connect on Twitter as well. 
If you are not familiar with Twitter or Twitter Chats, I want to introduce you to these chats. 
Twitter Chats… 📌 Happen weekly 📌 Chats are

With the updated layout of Twitter, what are some of the features that you are liking and taking advantage of? Thoughts? Join the Twitter discussion

How are you using Twitter today with your brand? Are you just pushing out messages and not engaging or listening? If you are just pushing out messages, you are missing the power of Twitter. Twitter on the surface looks like

Social is for listening, engaging and building a more long term relationship with your audience. It isn’t always about selling but creating engaging and relevant content for YOUR audience, not you. Data – Use data to talk to your customer,

I love connecting with my connections on other social channels to really learn more about them and how they approach the different channels. Let’s connect on Twitter at https://twitter.com/B2the7 Let’s connect on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/b2the7/ Look forward to learning more from

Super excited about being a guest tomorrow on the #TwitterSmarter #TwitterChat We will be talking about Twitter Chats and running your own chat. Join in at 1pm ET…hosted by @MadalynSklar. This will be fun…who doesn’t like a great Chat??? #Digital360Chat

Twitter Tip Quality over quantity! The size of your total followers doesn’t matter if they are not engaging, liking, sharing or commenting on your content. #Digital360chat #digital #marketing

Which social media channel are you going to focus more on in 2019? – Twitter – Instagram – Facebook – LinkedIn Would love to see how the LinkedIn perspective differs from Twitter users. Here is a link to my Twitter

I love learning from others and to see the tools others are using for Social… . . . What is your favorite #SocialMedia tools that you use daily for engaging, creating, scheduling, monitoring and analyzing? . . . . .