Them: Email marketing is dead! Me: Email marketing is not dead! Them: Email marketing is dead! Me: Sign up for the B2The7 email program to learn why email is NOT dead 👇👇👇

The great thing about Digital Marketing is that it keeps growing and expanding with Digital Innovations. It is the understanding of how the new innovations and technology will impact the customers. Multi-platform marketing. Using data, social media, eCRM, e-commerce &

In 1997, digital pretty much meant basic informational websites and display banners. Digital has evolved over the years to be about Engagement, eCommerce, Interaction and Experiences both online and offline that are data driven and have the customer experience top

Google is in the news for their EU $2.7 billion antitrust fine. One piece of news from Google that has gone under the radar is that Google with not be scanning your Gmail email account and matching your content with

How do you react to a brands eMail you no longer wish to receive? A – Click the Unsubscribe link B – Click Spam or Junk button C – Delete the eMail D – Fiter to junk folder E –

Why do you unsubscribe from a brands eMail? A – Frequency B – Content not relevance C – Email content is not clear or clutter D – Content is not engaging E – Sign-up expectations not achieved F – Content

How is your eMail frequency impacting your subscribers? The higher the frequency the more customers you will have unsubscribing – it doesn’t mean your overall unsub % will rise, it just means the volume will rise with the frequency along

What is your digital marketing point of emphasis for 2017? 1) SEO/SEM 2) eCRM – email, SMS, Push 3) Native App 4) Social 5) Website 6) Mobile 7) Customer experience 8) Customer journeys 9) Other Digital is not one tool

There are many eMail campaigns that engage your customers and many of the more common programs are those that may not be the most effect and get the best ROI. I have included those programs that very effective, intelligent, personalized

There are many important aspects to a brand eMail that is sent out, but there are 3 areas that are the most important to your eMail – 1) Sender or from name 2) Subject line and 3) Preview text. Litmus